Boost Your Sales with a Customizable Products Website

November 7, 2019

Let’s get back to the basics. We change things when we don’t like what we are using at the moment. In the same way, customers lose their interest in the product if they don’t receive what they desire.

There are plenty of websites available over the internet selling similar products. But amongst the wide range of items available, how is it making you stand-out?

The extraordinarily way to stick out of the competitive market is by providing a customization feature.

Customization is the action of molding or tailoring something into a unique piece to suit the particular individual’s desire.

Now with the market at its peak, with just a click of a button, products are available to come at doorsteps. Almost all online stores have an easy­ method to place an order and boom, the sales increase.

It’s time to think one level up to make your product out-of-the-box. Because if it’s not now, then it will become stagnant and the downfall for you will be as similar to as Nokia’s.

A good website redesign company with niche products that lets you edit the features, color, shape is an intuitive strategy. Customers would have a personalized feel at home, a full 360-degree view of the product and every moment spent on the website worthwhile.

  1. Onlinereplacementcushions

The customers have a huge interest in customizing their home care products. Sofa Cushions, especially add up to it the most. No matter how the designs have been put on the website, there is always a “wish it had this” for every product. So instead of putting a lot of designs and filling the website, it’s easier to put products that work for all the customers.

The following website is best for getting customized Sofa cushions exactly how you like. Choose the kind of style you’re looking for. Once that is selected, provide the detailed shape and size.

Choose on the kind of designs and filling (dry foam, high fiberfill or high-intensity foam). Moving forward, you can choose the type of thread as well. How amazing is that? These cushions can also be tied through the loop is sewn if you want but it’s completely optional. The different kinds of fabrics are available to choose from. The best part is that the product can be reviewed at all times.

  1. Ideyah


Apple has launched its line of watches quite a while back but has offered limited and expensive wrist bands. The website has taken full advantage of it and has launched some cool designs of the bands.

The customer had to let know what kind of band is required. There are a variety of patterns and colors available to match the choice. The colorful and funky batch is available to match the personality.

The website has taken care of the people using the watch for fitness purposes by tailoring some cool designs on metal bands.

If both of them get boring for you, you can upload your favorite image to decorate the watchband and the rest of it would be taken care of by them. It’s a very simple way to add the product to the cart and place an order.

Besides, there are other accessories too to match the band. Now that’s a phenomenal way to increase the sales!

  1. Nike


Nike, one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes and accessories is a multinational company. From introducing a new line of t-shirts with unique phrases like “Dope”, “Get High” to providing NBA jerseys, it has attracted young generations’ attention in great amounts.

The company received immense appreciation and PR for its innovation in customized shoes.

It is the first company that came with customization of shoes in detail. The website provides options to choose its bespoke shoes sole color, laces, side panel, tongue, heel, and even outsole text.

Essentially, you have the option to tailor each part of the shoes as per your wish at 170$. How cool is that?

  1. Solidsurface


Solid Surface is one of the most successful marketplace websites which received a booming increase in their sales.

It is a decorative surfacing industry in the States providing bespoke surfaces for kitchen, bathroom, Shower& tub walls even Wall Cladding. In addition to this, places like restaurants, hospitality, retail, healthcare, and education have also loved their custom services.

Who would have thought to decide on imbibing features like material, color, sink quantity type, width and depth, and even faucet holes positioning could be done sitting at the ease of home.

The company never failed to satisfy every shopper. Consider Homeowner, architect, designer contractor or fabricator. They can now skip going to places to get the work done.

No wonder, the online resources could get you started majorly if you decide on building the website with the right set of people.

  1. beerlabelizer


Customize your beer-bottle labels! The alcohol business never goes down and that’s why people are moving in the business with a creative mind.

Designing the beer bottles may sound great but it takes a great deal of hard work and creativity to put in.

With the unique design templates, it lets you make labels as you wish. There is no graphic designer required. The front label and back label are designed with the available templates.

“Upload your own image” is a great option to create extraordinary designs.

It is cost-effective. By paying 1$/month you can become a member and 8$/month, it offers lifetime access. Not a bad deal, is it?

What do you derive from it?

The sole reason for driving the business is sales. It aids to build a brand.

Delivering customers exactly what they seek is a viable option to increase sales by a substantial amount. Product customization not only fuels customer loyalty, but also product sales.

The game-changer in the shopping industry and retail market is Product Customization. Invest your mind and money in it as quickly as possible to get a hold of sales before the competitors take over.

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