From a normal B2B to a complex B2C application, we always try our level best to craft and deliver the best possible solution for your online business needs. Our process start with face to face meeting or a direct phone call with client to understand the objective and motive of business. A perfect brand or website to compete in tough online market can not achieved by easy impulse but it needs a planned processes that brought together.

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Sketching Your Project Idea

As new client approach or express his interest with us, our business analyst team begin the discovery process. First direct face to face meeting or a skype call then conceptualizing the whole idea of business to start in-depth planning and research.

  • First contact
  • Conceptualizing the whole idea
  • In-depth planning and research
  • Estimation & requirement approval
  • Project agreement
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Prototyping & Analysis

After the project approval with client, we head to the pre-engineering process. In this process we do comprehensive analysis, technical consultation, concept strategy and complete all the project specifications. Further we practice Wireframes/Prototype/Storyboards and formulate the best development structures and platforms.

  • Internal analysis
  • Creating Prototype/ Wireframe/ Storyboards
  • Submit a resource plan
  • Select best development structures and platforms
  • Scope sign-off
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Design: User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI)

Before crafing the process of designing for your online business, our expertise take the view of clients need, then compare it with market. Further our designing team shows the creativity of designing & branding. Our team is committed with the extraordinary designing skills & inspires designing for you that express your company status, reputation with it.

  • Study use cases and demographics
  • Use of relevant and latest UI design features
  • Perfect blend of colors & emotional design
  • UX Personalization
  • UX Metrics Evaluation
  • Visual Design Ready
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Development & Implementation

Once the designing is done, the websites and applications are ready to be the eye catching with the use of right technology for a perfect solution. An advanced set of management tools like Trello, GitLab, Jira and Hubstaff are the crucial part included in our development phase.

  • Release Plan
  • Full stack & dynamic backend development
  • Coding with specified timeframe
  • Update routine status
  • Optimized Code
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Beta Testing and Quality Check

Each and every module of web is scrupulously tested and goes through advance level testing phases under diffrent tesing environments to craft the best possible result. Our team provides precise & logical solutions which are always creative and innovative for which we test the functionality of the website. We have knowledgeable operation team and their work spirit has never changed in our company.

  • Automated and static tests
  • Eliminate bugs
  • Real-time User testing
  • Gather feedback
  • Final adjustments
  • Premier Quality
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Deployment & Final Launch

It's time to showcase the final finished masterpiece! After completing all the testing and quality assurance phase, our professional team deploy the website or app on respective hosting and app stores.

  • Release to live environment
  • Ensure integrity
  • Post-deployment support & maintenance
  • Perfectly Working App