Choosing the Right Web Agency for your Business? Keep these 5 things in mind

June 15, 2019

Before we start that what the characteristics of a good web development agency are, let us first know how to detect bad agency. Bad web development agencies are recognized by their failed deadlines, overrated estimated, poor quality of work, no feedback or poor feedback from clients and essentially suggestion of a wrong e-commerce solution. It only leads to waste of your time, money and effort. This article will tell you the key-pointers you must set in head before you hire a web development in birmingham.

Check-out work portfolio

This might sound like an obvious thing, but it is so essential to check the portfolio to judge the work.

There are important criteria you need to consider to protect your business from potential mistakes and asking for the portfolio is the first thing you must ask for. An online portfolio of work will reveal the company’s capability to you. It allows you to perceive the designs, responsiveness and smooth working of the websites that the web-agency has worked for.

That being said, there is no way that you believe in words and just skip to get the sight of the company’s portfolio in detail. The company is always trying to sell themselves by showcasing the best of their work and highlight the best of their clients.

Naturally, you will be very clear with your decision once you see exactly the quality of work the agency keeps to offer. If you like the work, take this a step further and ask how they can incorporate their efforts for your specific requirements for website.

Bytegrow IT Solutions is one of the best website development company in Birmingham that not only provides the work-portfolio to the clients but also provides free consultancy to tell which solution works best for them.

Set concrete, achievable criteria with deadlines

After you have checked the web-agency’s stunning work, do you want to give the opportunity to them? For that, it is vital that you are crystal clear with your ideas and vision. What are your target audiences? What is the deadline? What are the features & functionalities you specifically require? It is important that you put some effort and thought because after all it is your business website and it’s your decision how you want your online presence to stand out on the internet.

Some checklist points you must know before approaching a web agency.

  • The last date when the company’s online store should go up and live with all final changes.
  • For how long you would be needing the support for your website.
  • It is an added advantage if you know about the different types of e-commerce solutions available on the internet.
  • The technical skills required for the website development.
  • Some of the reference or competitors websites so the web-agency gets an idea of what exactly you’re looking for.

Need some help to know what kind of e-commerce solution works best for your business? Take a peek at our work portfolio and get a clear answer.

Ask for client references

The happy clients curate their feedbacks and send across. They make the company a reliable source whenever they need a helping hand with their online store. This tells that the web-agency has worked a notch up and proved its worth. The clients had felt spellbound with the work and taken out time for a genuine feedback.

Naturally, witnessing the client testimonials is a non-skippable thing to do. It inspires the next prospective client to hire the company. Client references add legitimacy and build trust in the company.

Obviously, the satisfied clients maintain a constant contact with the web-agency and become their permanent client. This is a social proof to put your “anxious mind” at ease. Since, the appreciation is written by someone else than yourself, the messages automatically convince you.

It can persuade you to become from a mere visitor to a potential customer. You would be happily hiring the web agency ASAP once you know in the past, the company has never failed to meet the expectations.

Assess the company’s website

There is no question about it, you are what you present!

Feel free to rip down the web-agency’s online presence. The company’s website gives an impression of their work. There is no other way of assessing the work that they would be providing.

Don’t judge the website on the basis of different functionalities they have. Obviously, birmingham web-design agency website would differ in looks and functionalities than a website of an event management. What you must look for is:

  • Graphic designs
  • Quality of work
  • Overall look
  • Loading time
  • Smoothness on clicking on elements of the website.
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • User-friendly

On-going Support

Your website must be at all times, protected and optimized. Your digital assets are as supreme as your physical assets. For instance, you wouldn’t be buying a high-end luxury car and then never give it for service. The same story works for your digital presence.

There is always an on-going support required to maintain your website and its products. Whether it’s updating the products or providing support patches. Or simply updating and optimizing to get maximum conversions. There is always someone who is required to have your back at all times.

When we say, on-going support, it means pro-actively providing a support. A good web-agency will provide maintenance within your specific needs & budget. Some of the kind of support a website development agency provide are:

  • Monthly/weekly reporting
  • Monthly updates
  • Management of bugs and issues.
  • Business user-support via mobile, email, or in-person.
  • CMs support and training.

If you partner with Bytegrow IT Solutions on an ongoing basis, you can also be sure that you’ll be kept in the loop with the latest advancements in technology and get 3 months of free maintenance.