Latest E-commerce website design features to boost online sales

June 21, 2019

They say “First Impression Matters”. Everything is decided on that first look. If it’s an eye catcher in those 1.5 seconds, then the percentage of it being sold is almost 70-80%.
In today’s world, what is seen is sold and as the e-commerce market is booming, so does the customers’ rapid requirements and demands. Though it works both ways, since customers’ demands are increasing, so does the e-commerce market.

It’s estimated that there will be1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019.

And the reason is very obvious, independence to shop anytime anywhere without any pre-requisites or demand, you can buy at your desired place, check it and return (if in case it has some problems) as well.

No Questions asked.

On our research, we found some keen points that are very much important for the one we are selling it. But before that, we would like you to think about what was Simon Sinek takes in his – The Golden Circle of Common vs. Inspired Marketing and Leadership

“What the customer wants doesn’t always align with the company’s vision and mission. Why should you build this for a customer? Why is the company pursuing this opportunity now? How do the customer’s needs align with the product vision? Should this work be done just to close a sale?

Traditional Marketing/Advertising:

What: We make great Products
How: Our products are easy to use and beautiful looking
Why: Want to buy one?

Great Marketing/Advertising

Why: We challenge the status quo and think differently
How: We make beautifully designed products that are easy to use.
What: We just happen to make great products

Why is the key? If you find your Why, congratulations, you have passed the main hurdle.

Now coming to those not-so-common features that would be helpful to boost sales for your ecommerce website design Birmingham

From the usual ones like Festive Discounts, Combo products, Clearance Sale, Weekend Sales, and Deal of the Day, there are some other no-so-common factors.

According to our research team, there is an exponential increase in mobile users in 2019 and that too plays a very crucial role in today’s’ marketing.

Personal Engagement with Customers

The very important and foremost factor in e-commerce website design is to give the user the best experience, whether it’s before purchase or after purchase or anytime in between.
Their feedbacks, their likes, dislikes all of their micro feedback to provide a better service to them in the future. Focusing on the clientele leads to better conversions, but for that conversations are very important. Make their experience personal and the chances they will come again and again.

So to boost sales in E-Commerce based Website Design, customers’ experience is built for convenience, it should be simple and intuitive

Voice Search

No one has time today to type or tick. They want to just say it normally like they do when they are shopping offline. And since customers are making more and more purchases from an Alexa or Google Home device, it’s best to import voice search in your website.

Simplified Web Payments

When customers’ are buying different products from different e-commerce websites, it really boredom and repetitive to fill the same payment details,
Web Payments will allow browser native UI for checkout with previously saved data such as address information and card details to be accessed with a few taps via the Payment Request API.”

Flexible payment options

Being a customer who put neither a credit card or debit card, or maybe she doesn’t have net banking credentials with her, there must be some way to make her purchase successful.
The payment-later option must be there, let it be Cash-On-Delivery or anything that suits buyers need. This flexibility to buy and pay in e-commerce website design is very important to boost sales.


Users like to keep products in their wishlist. Add choices or recommendations similar to what they are looking for. Keep them updated with the product updates that are there in their wishlist, it could be anything from price to out of stock. Buyers experience to not go searching for things is one of the huge advancement to keep him at your place and the conversion chances are higher as well.

In fact, have some video demonstrations of the products you are selling. Images say more, but videos have been proved more authentic and the buyers trust on the product also increase while watching the live demonstration of the product itself.

Keep Your Product Categories exclusive

As a regular shopper, I like to search things category wise, let’s say if I want a track pant or some turtle-neck cloth, I would go in that specific section rather than searching on the whole website for this one. The conversion chances are higher when the e-commerce website design has this feature of keeping products categories exclusive.

Cashback | Loyalty Rewards | Lucky Draws

Who doesn’t like to have cashback on the purchase they just made? To make the experience more personal and better for customers, there should be a system in e-commerce website to provide cashback, whenever needed. Moreover, there must be a feature to give buyers experience by putting them in Lucky Draws, and Loyalty Rewards on each buy. About 3/5 customers’ come again just because of these loyalty points and they really become loyal to your products.

Keeping Customers’ Testimonials on the front with photographs or small videos

This leads to the trust of the customers before buying anything. Testimonials give them the confidence to trust e-commerce websites with their products. Customers testimonials and reviews are very much important should be taken very seriously.
Today, about 60-70% (estimated) of the customers’ shop or buy anything after reading reviews even for a small thing, whether it’s buying a house, buying a cloth or in fact booking an Uber. Review Matters a lot.
The selling factor here would be showing recorded testimonials or just image will do too.

Attractive Content

The content put on e-commerce says a lot about your product and how serious you are about it. Again what is seen is sold. Your color combinations of displaying products, user-friendly fonts, simple and sleek designs, easy to understand features, fast and responsive images loading (customers’ won’t stop more than 2.5 seconds if it’s loading).
Prevent e-commerce websites with downasaur using PWA techniques, so that in low internet or at no connection they at least can view products that are already in their memory.

Create a sense of Urgency in your buyers

“Buy this today and you would 20% discount, just for today”. A major feature for any e-commerce website to boost sale exponentially. This FOMO, i.e. Fear Of Missing Out make users take their buying decisions urgently and they end up buying your products if they look great and exclusive, the obvious reason to look and feel great of a regular buyer.

Intime Micro questions

Focus on customers that are already there to how we can generate revenue through them, asking the right questions about why our existing customers’ base has not come back after one time or SO

Remember what Nike says, it doesn’t advertise anything normally, it just believes in one motive, -“Just Do it”, in fact in its’ latest campaign it said – “Just do it, even if it means sacrificing everything”. Your business strategy to boost your e-commerce website Birmingham design sale should be like that, it should advertise itself. Bytegrow IT solutions is a professional e-commerce website development company in Birmingham that already helped a lot of clients to deliver stunning e-commerce websites and also helped them to boost online sales in their niche.