Start Telehealth Services for Your Pet Clinic with Bytegrow

June 4, 2021

The effect of Covid-19 is faced around the globe, and as nations continue to fight it, we’ve all been asked to stay at home – in other words, the pandemic has led to a severe lockdown. The next question that comes to mind as a veterinary doctor at a point would be “how will my business thrive?”, “How can I still connect with my patients while we are in lockdown?”. If these are some of the questions troubling your mind, then Bytegrow IT Solutions have got the perfect solution for you.

This is the right time to move your client-patient relationships online. A few months ago, Telehealth was not a common practice. A lot of people preferred the traditional way. But how is that possible during this period? Safe to say telehealth services have not become an essential part of every client-based business, including those offering clinical services.
In this piece, we will give you a detailed introduction to how you can implement the telehealth service into your practice. We will also explore some of the reasons why this is important. No doubt, they are more necessary than ever. We will show you all you need to do to create a telehealth service for your pet clinic.


It refers to a broad scope of remote petcare/healthcare services. It is in the category of remote clinical services and remote non-clinical services such as administrative meetings, continuing vet education, and training). According to WHO (The World Health Organization), these services can include health promotion, public health functions, and surveillance. Remember, this is quite different from telemedicine.

Technology such as videoconferencing, email, video chat platforms lets vets attend to their clients remotely. This way, you can provide healthcare services in real-time, for instance, through answering individuals’ questions, or via your webcam. Either way, some platforms can help you continue your practice while you are at home, and Bytegrow IT Solutions have the right tools to help with that.

How It Works.

It is quite similar to what you have with the human telehealth service. Your clients will request a visit, prove you with vital information about their pets or animal’s condition. It’s now your job as a Veterinarian to schedule the appointment for both parties (in this case, you and the client) to meet via a digital channel to discuss the animal’s health condition. To create a functional telehealth service for your pet clinic, you have to consistent. Lastly, during the online visit, the vet will provide a detailed diagnosis, recommendations for treatment as well as the prescription recommendation – all of which can be done remotely—the top benefits of Telehealth for your pet clinic.

There are several ways telehealth services for your pet clinic can help your practice grow globally. Let’s share some of the benefits with you.

1. It Improves Client’s Engagement with Remote Monitoring.

One of the telehealth services is that it improves your client’s engagement. Thanks to the role of value-based reimbursement in healthcare, hospitals and pet clinics are now emphasizing news ways of interacting with patients and clients. This art requires teaching clients how to care for their pets between clinical visits. With the current pandemic, coupled with chronic health conditions in pets, the ideal option is using telehealth services for remote monitoring. This way, you will be able to provide improved outcomes while still cutting costs on both sides.

2. It Advances New Business Models.

In our last piece, we talked about keeping your business afloat, and how you can make survive the pandemic – in a section, we talked about innovations and how this will help your business survive. Speaking of changes now, especially as a vet doctor, your best bet is incorporating telehealth services into your practice. You can launch telehealth platforms to consumers. Bytegrow IT solutions will guide you through the process and also help you build one of such platforms. Thanks to telehealth services, vets can now extend their clients base beyond the physical facilities, creating new models of communicating effectively with clients, and spending extended hours with them.

3. You’ll Be Able to Reach More Clients This Way.

In the past, one could only pay visits to clinics, and to that, you will often pick the one that’s close by. But that doesn’t have to be you (as a vet), you can change that narrative by incorporating the telehealth services into your pet clinic. This will help you expand access to more clients while you are in the comfort of your home.

4. It Will Increases Your Practice Efficiency.

One of the surest ways to increase your practice efficiency during this lockdown is taking advantage of the telehealth services. These services will help you increase your workflow efficiency. It will also serve as a conduit for fast pace care delivery. Triaging the cases while also improving communication via capturing, storing, and finally, using pet’s data for a more effective medical decision.

5. It Will Increases Your Revenue.

That is intertwined with both the number two-point and number three. This will not only advance your new business models; it will give you access to more clients. And as a result of all of these, you’ll be able to increase your practice revenue. Now think about it, asides being able to reduce overhead cost since you’ll be the one managing it, this automatically spikes your income. You will be able to bill clients when they reach you. Vets are also allowed to extend the hours and capture more time, which will ultimately be billed.


Millions of people are now using the Telehealth services, now its no longer a matter of choice. Vets shouldn’t only think of how this can grow their business even though that’s the primary goal. But, being able to reach more clients, have access to more pets suffering from different illnesses, you will be making an impact on a global change. Now, that’s how to make an impact. While you are on your path to making these changes, Bytegrow IT Solutions will help you create the perfect platform. Feel free to contact us for more details on how we can help you build the right platform to help you start telehealth services for your pet clinic.