Top 10 Real Reasons Why Your Website Needs A Redesign

July 24, 2019

A Company website is a chief element that prospective clients base their first impression on. These days, it’s extremely important for any type of business to have a presentable, nice looking, easy to use the website. Your web presence can be the most valuable and effective tool to build your trade.

In this fast-paced technological changed dimension, it is very easy to get lost in the past trends.

But getting stuck on past trends and styles won’t help in growing in the current scenario. We need to be able to realize when the time to up our game is. Designs come and go like fashion.

It is imperative to keep notice.

A website is the Heart of the existence of a company. It is one of the primary sources which fetches business to an organization as it is the face value that counts in this age and world. Many people, while doing research, check a company’s online presence and then compare it to its competitors before they reach out to it. It is important to understand the User Behavior and move up ahead in the game. If done right, it could be a 24/7 salesperson.

Website redesign or revamping seems a very obvious question. It is not necessary that if that website of yours is not helping you attract business it has to be a design problem, no. It might just be true that you are running an internally damaged website. When was the last time you had a health checkup of your website’s functionality?

I couldn’t begin to count the number of businesses whose sites are in desperate need of a redesign. And it has nothing to do with how ugly or pretty the website looks, if I must quote it in terms of face value, it depends on how functional and effective it is.

Well, if you’re convinced that your business is the one, in need of a total (or not) online makeover, make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

If you’re just plain bored with the current look, it is not the way to go about it. A dated website is not a reason for a redesign. You’ll just confuse people as they will wonder what has been changed in the business of this company when in reality the company has not initiated any new ideas or business strategies but a brand new website to look at. Granted, new websites can solve business problems but boring website design is not a business problem.

So, to get you crisp of the idea, here are some top reasons listen to get website redesign. Read ahead.

  1. It is not responsive:

It used to be easy before, in the era of desktop-only sites. Now with the emergence of mobile devices in such a vast number a user might be looking at your website on a laptop, tablet or any variation of mobile phone. And these users expect a seamless experience everywhere. A third of the website traffic comes from Mobiles and Tablets so your website should be able to navigate through these effortlessly. People are looking to do research on their phones and share their experience with friends and acquaintances. Review your website on multiple devices.

Google also ranks mobile websites on their response and penalizes the non-responsive sites in their search rankings.

  1. Slow load time:

How fast does your website load?

Users are impatient when it comes to websites that take hours to load. Ever tried opening a university’s website when the result is out? Yeah, think how frustrating it gets.

If your website is slow in displaying all its content in time, people might easily close the page and move on ahead to your competitor’s.

  1. Flash dependent website

Flash dependent sites take too long to load and are not compatible with most of the browsers. Similar to an outdated design, Flash ages your website. This can hurt your traffic. What you see on a Flash website is most of the time unreadable on mobile devices.

  1. No call to action

A call to action could be about making a phone call, leaving a message, E-mail, filling an enquiry form, subscribing to a mailing list, etc.

People should know what they are supposed to do, what you are asking them to do, when they land on your website. There should be a call to action on every page of the website.

  1. Lacks SEO

Low search rankings can be a devil to your business model. To garner more business through your website and rank high in search engines, the website should be search engine optimized. Use all the relevant keywords to appear first on the search results. Use all the appropriate webpage titles and optimize your images with the correct alt tag.

  1. Presentation

Most often the webpage is filled with all irrelevant content like ads and promotions. There should be legroom to show people the content that you want them to focus on. Divide the information so your homepage doesn’t look cramped.

  1. A brand isn’t visible:

Having a good looking and updated website is fun and all but the motive behind is to sell your brand. Are people able to decipher your message from the website? Are visitors connecting with your company?

  1. Fails to build credibility:

Let’s face it, your website is intended to show users your worth. It is an advertisement platform to showcase your business, ethics, clients, etc.

Make sure you put up all the client logos, testimonials, and videos demonstrating your work.

Use the about column to explain at length why a customer should trust you to do business.

  1. Conversions:

Al in all, it’s not the traffic that matters, but the conversions. Spend some time with your SEO team and figure out why your existing traffic isn’t leading to sales. Focus On Return on Investment (ROI) and making improvements. All that traffic you get would not help you if it does not convert ultimately into money.

  1. Start Over:

If you decide your existing online presence is a lost cause and does not reflect your latest business and marketing strategy, then the problem will not get solved with a few simple SEO magic wand moves.  If your website is not where you want it to be, you need to make the hard decision of starting over. It is especially important if you know that your potential clients first go to your website before picking up the call or writing you an E-mail.

Last words of wisdom: make sure you’re taking time to identify the true business problems you face. Go after what you need, not what you want.

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