Top 3 Technology trends that will dominate 2018 IT market

August 14, 2018

Whether you are a normal average consumer or a diehard tech, who is crazy about latest gadgets and devices , you really can’t help and move forward to the latest technology trends and developments.

With surprising sales and birth of smart AI devices like smart speakers, smart phones, laptops; AI(artificial intelligence) is breaking all records in the field of technology and has become more powerful and intelligent. By replacing human resource workers from small to large scale industries, machine devices keep surprising their customers.

So here we’ll discuss about the biggest technology trends and how our lives will change accordingly.

Blockchain Technology

Nowadays many companies are working to develop their application program with blockchain technology. There is no doubt that with the involvement of this technology, tasks like tracking information of products and manufacturing goods, information access from any remote source will be very easy. Blockchain technology is gaining more and more popularity and will provide a very secure & reliable transaction of sensitive components between consumers and providers.

AI permeation

Nowdays, many big organizations and governments are focusing on machine learning algorithms and in turn increasing their interests in investing towards the development of rich AI applications. AI is not limited to one goal like in gaming section or humans communication, it is showing appearance in all trends like mobile apps, new platforms and other devices. Voice
recognition apps like Cortana, Siri, Alexa are all examples of AI and by the end of 2018 you will see more advanced products that will blow your mind with surprise.

5G preparation

Fifth generation wireless technology aiming to speed up internet services upto 5 times as compared to fourth generation technology. Just imagine that how fast your internet will be, it will give you goosebumps. 5G will surely revolutionize the market of internet, how a normal user uses internet services and developers develop or think about streaming content and apps, we must say that 2018 will be very surprising year for everyone.

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