Top 5 Web Development Agencies in Birmingham UK

June 10, 2020

There are top web development agencies in Birmingham, UK – your best bet is to take advantage of our complete guide. Birmingham is one of the important cities as far as the country’s manufacturing and engineering industry is concerned. This center has more than 90 000 people in the industry, successfully contributed billions of pounds to the country’s economy. Without a doubt, the industry is expanding on a national scale. Web development has played a major role in the country’s progress technologically, not to mention Birmingham as a region. The state’s Information Technology is known to generate close to a million-dollar annually. That’s not all; it is also known to employ tens of thousands of IT professionals too. In this detailed piece, we will share with you ‘Top 5 web development agencies in Birmingham, UK‘.

The web development agencies we’ve mentioned deserve to be on this list simply because of the core skills they bring to the table. From professional skills in public relations, digital marketing, website design, graphic design, branding, social media marketing, and web development to deliver close to a perfect result. These agencies work across many sectors and regions, as well as offering professional support to local businesses located in the heart of Birmingham, coupled with other places in the UK.

Follow this piece to find out more about some of the best web development agencies in Birmingham. We will be sharing some important details, including their services, to aid your ‘quest.’

1. Bytegrow IT Solutions

Bytegrow IT Solutions is a web development agency and unarguably one of the best in the whole of the UK. They are one of the newest companies on our list. However, they’ve successfully established themselves in the industry. Without a doubt, it is passionate about web designing and development. But their services don’t end there. They are also one of the few companies in the UK that offer other IT services, such as creating a suitable platform for Virtual Learning, Telehealth services, amongst other things. They’ve got a team of website designers and developers who will help you build clean, responsive websites that will help your company experience the growth it needs. To be more detailed, their services include:

  • E-Commerce Website Designing & Development.
  • WordPress Design and Development.
  • Web Designing and Development.
  • Mobile App Designing and Development.
  • Digital Marketing Services.
  • Internet Marketing Solutions.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns.
  • Bespoke Website Design and UX/UI.
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

2. Silver Mountain Agency.

They can easily be referred to as a multi-disciplinary Digital Marketing as well as Video Production company. The company headquarters is in Birmingham, UK. The agency work in a different sector, including Construction, Utilities, Automotive, Finance, Banking, Energy, Banking and Finance, Construction, Business Professional Services, Hospitality, and Healthcare. They are professional to the core. They also believe in harnessing honest relationships built of a strong and healthy foundation of trust.

Creativity is the core of the company’s entire existence. It’s (Creativity) is in the heart of everything they do. They understand every client needs a tailored approach to help enhance their company’s growth. Some of their services include:

  • Live Events Filming.
  • Website Design and Development.
  • Website Design and UX/UI.
  • Mobile Apps.
  • Social Media Strategy.
  • TV and Web Commercials.
  • eCommerce Development.
  • Public Speaking Training.
  • Media and Communications Training.
  • Event and Conference Programming.
  • Event Management.
  • Design of Exhibition and Event Space.
  • Sound, Lighting, & Audio Visual.

3. ALT Agency Web Design.

If you require the services of a web design and development agency, here is one company you should contact. Owned by Craig Murphy, it was founded in 2006. The company’s main goal is to create a reliable agency that delivers a full package, profit-boosting solution to huge companies that require premium results. For more than a decade, they’ve worked closely with lots of companies in partnership with them. They will professionally craft an online presence that will ultimately attract prospective clients to your platform. ALT Agency Web Design services include:

  • WordPress Design.
  • eCommerce Development.
  • Responsive Web Designing.
  • Content Management System.
  • Web Development & Maintenance.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO.
  • PPC Management.

4. GForce Web Design.

GForce Web Design is a web design agency in Birmingham, and one of the top IT solution agency in Birmingham. They offer affordable web design appeals to all businesses, including restaurants, startups, merchants, photographers, restaurants, entrepreneurs, and so much more. However, web design is one of the top services they render – and you can also find them highly ranked on Google. They’ve been consistently delivering professional results for over two years. Some of their services include:

  • Logo Design.
  • Google Adwords.
  • Web design.

5. Global Graphics Web Design.

They are the oldest company on our list. Thanks to a reputation that has been built for two decades, they carved out space for themselves in this industry. They work with businesses from different sectors. Samples of their work include AI-Ko, Coventry University, Doosan, Sandwell Council, NHS, The British Horse Society, Doosan, amongst other brands. They are experts in their field and would professionally create an online presence that would take you to the top. Some of their services include:

  • Logo Design.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Web Design.
  • Web Development.
  • eCommerce Design.
  • Search Marketing
  • Content Management.


There you have it; these are the top 5 web development agencies in Birmingham, UK. On this list, you will find the ideal web development agency for your business. One of these companies will meet your requirements. If you need more information on this list or any other information that relates to this guide, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to help.