When to Consider a Website Redesign?

August 8, 2019

Sweated a lot to design your website with images, UI, colors scheme to make it beautiful or paid an exorbitant amount of cost to design and develop and finally it’s been exhaustive with no result? Redesigning the website is being popular nowadays. A targeting website redesign is a way a tedious process. The main concept to showcase business on the website to turn visitors into customers. If there is no sign of yearly growth then it’s time to redesign or revamp your website. Functional changes take place when performance up-gradation needed, redesigning the website conceptualize the look and feel of the website. The revamping term comprises both performance and redesigning concepts.

Website redesign or revamping seems a very obvious question. The flawed website at the very beginning tends to wrong the rebuilding of the websites at the end. So, it is a nice opportunity to evaluate and determine what to do to rebuild your new website. The most important thing is to review the existing website that is lacking to attract customer’s attention. Customer engagement always plays a crucial part in the website. It is a virtual outlet of your business. If your website design and functionality solely being a barrier in pulling customer attraction or preventing it to be more productive than its time to revamp the website.

Most of the part can be done by deciding the things that are non-working with the website and making strategies for it to work properly to gain visitor’s attention. Below are some reasons that are given, if you need to opt to revamp or redesign your website to make it a priority for the company and avoid adverse effects.

If your website falls into the categories of following reasons then without wasting a minute one should go for website revamping.

  • The first and foremost part of the website is its look and user experience. Each website today is being operated on mobile phones more than laptops. It’s the basic requirement of the website to looks good on mobile phones and tablets.
  • According to google analytics, the bounce rate of the webpage is the rate of the percentage which tells that the user only visited a single page and left without going through other pages of the website. During their sessions. A high bounce rate of the website indicates that low and poor user satisfaction.
  • You can check website load time by a website like Google Analytics, tool.pingdom.com or gtmetrix.com. If it gives you the time more than 5 seconds to load than speed update is much needed on your website. A study says that 50% of users left the website just because it takes more than 5 seconds to load.
  • Your website should deliver the latest content about your current business to your client. Whether it is award, certification, affiliations or launched a brand new product. Your website should emphasis on them. Giving a complete makeover to your website can create unique identification for your business.
  • Competitors are the most important elements in the growth of your business. If your competitor recast their showcase then its time you to also think about mutating yours. This can embrace blogs, the reincarnation of websites, etc.
  • Search engine optimization is the key element to find your website easily on search engines like google yahoo and other ones. On-page search engine optimization mainly used to rank websites on all popular search engines for relevant queries about the website. Each page primary focuses on the unique keywords focusing on website aim. These title tags are HTML elements and one can customize the website display on search engines by these title tags.
  • Bad UI tends to a bad impression on customers and a high bounce rate. UI must be impressive if the user is not satisfied with the experience on your website then you are risking losing your audience. For Example, too many images take the high time it takes to load them is not a good experience for the user.
  • Dead links in the website direct to 404 not found page if the website contains any. Dead links look like ordinary links they don’t send the user on the indicated page when clicked resulting in them abandon the site. Removing them or replacing them with appropriate links. Rather than a manual check, websites like “brokenlinkscheck.com” will disclose all the dead links.
  • The social network is the big platform for marketing and your pages on this social networking are the virtual marketing realm. So, with new and innovative ideas you can revamp your website.
  • Lack of content management system can also make an adverse effect on the growth of the organization. The content management system is a kind of web application with different user level permission to manage the content of the website. Websites can be integrated with good CMS so the changes in website content can be easy for users without any kind of programming knowledge.
  • Opportunities and growth of an organization are always presented by the relevant content of the website. The fresh and new content of the website will always retain your visitors. This can also be achieved by delivering the latest content which shows your current business goals and market values and updating the website by publishing new articles with high-quality content will be helpful.
  • Security breaching and content-stealing led customers to choose websites to visit more careful nowadays so secure network communication on your website will increase the visitors’ faith in you more and make you more trustworthy for them.

There is a major problem when a technical issue arises. Better customer support is most important to make consumers satisfied. But if too much troubleshooting your website needed just because any aspect of a website is not working properly and you spend more time to fix it then it’s not favorable for the profit and sales growth. It is a serious call to hire a website redesign services company to redesign your website in order to grow your business.

The website is considered a virtual storefront for any organization and reflects the value of the company. So time to time a significant check is must to gain benefits and reduce risks in business. Re-inventing the website is a very careful task and without any planning and thought process will result in poor performance of your organization. By following the latest 2019 design trends and technologies, Bytegrow IT Solutions offer amazing website redesign services that improve the overall usability and graphic look of your business website.