Which social network should I advertise on?

February 19, 2019

With the advent of social media, people have started advertising their business on the internet. As there are millions of people active on different social networking websites, you have a huge market open for your business. Moreover, these websites are also user-friendly so you can easily display your products and services. Although these services are free of cost, you can also opt for paid advertising for better results.

But with the pool of social network sites available, the question arises that which ones you should opt to advertise. Below we have listed some major websites which are suitable for every type of business and also have a large number of users who get online on a daily basis:

1. Facebook

Facebook still continues to be the leader in its segment with the highest number of active users. It generates a specific algorithm which allows you to reach the target audience in an easy way. You can choose them according to their age, sex, education, interests and relationship status. This way you can find your future clients easily by driving traffic towards your website. All this can be done organically by posting engaging pictures and infographics with relative content. Moreover, you can target your users through paid boosting and Facebook ad campaigns. This would ensure that your prospects are watching your ads while they are browsing on Facebook.

2. Instagram

Instagram is a social networking website which focuses more on pictures and videos. You can post engaging graphics for your business which may instigate people to watch it and develop curiosity in them. The most important tool on Instagram is Hashtag (#) which helps you to drive traffic. Using the right Hashtags would ensure that people searching for anything related to your business would find your page. Recently, Instagram also introduced a ‘Shop Now’ link which you can embed under your picture to provide a direct link where your client can buy the displayed product. This feature would help you to drive traffic to your website and also increase your sale by a considerable amount.

3. Twitter

Twitter is a fast-growing social network platform where people not only connect with each other but also keep tweeting. While publishing any tweet, one may use target keywords related to their business along with the popular hashtags. This would ensure that it would appear where anybody is tweeting related to your phrase. Moreover, your ad on Twitter with popular hashtags would also increase the chance of them clicking on your ad. Another method is to collaborate with influencers on Twitter who have a huge following. This way you can easily target their followers as well.

4. LinkedIn

It is the only platform which has a pool of professionals logging in daily. You can easily target audiences on LinkedIn by filtering through job type, place, and their designation. This way you can directly make a contact with a CEO or Managing Director. However, you may not get many clicks on your ad on LinkedIn, but the people hitting those few clicks would be of much use being professionals.