Why Custom Logo Designing is Important

December 12, 2019

A logo depicts the values and emotions of the company. It is the core symbolic mark that carries the reputation, identity and brand value with it. In short, it must be able to translate your brand values and emotions and create a bond with your customers.

Logos are not a mere game of creativity but it involves a creative head, designing skills and skillful application to tailor an intrigued logo.

Having said that, it has to be unique making you outstanding of all your competitors. A good logo design Birmingham company knows the importance of mastering the skills of designing a fit-for-all purpose logo. It takes years to conquer all techniques to generate a perfect logo.

A typical logo would deliver the objective and end goals of the company. Refrain from contacting a cheap logo designer to get the organization misrepresented. You will end up having a logo customized according to their personal preferences instead of the brand. Now that you have got the clarity over the logo definition, let us have a look at the power it holds for your business.

Seeks Attention

Most potential customers take less than 3 seconds to scan a full website and the very next moment it’s the logo that grabs the attention. It most cases it’s the logo that carries them away to click on the link of your website.
You have one chance to grab their attention and sync with their connection. Get it right! Comprehend customer’s interests and tank your business with lifelong retention of customers.
Essentially, a solid logo will speak for your business.


As stated above, the logo is the first thing that grabs potential customer’s attention and how! It’s the first thing that your audience expects to look at so that they develop a trust and acceptance for your brand. It’s hard to develop a positive logo that fits all formats (JPEG, PNG, PSD) and variations of media but a good graphic design agency Birmingham will make sure they stick to it.

A logo comes as the first and foremost piece of graphic to be put on every kind of marketing material possible. Flyers, business cards, advertisements, hoardings, websites, mobile app as well as social media channels visually interact with the target audience.

Segregates you from Competitors

This is the most essential reason to tailor your logo custom. Sure, there would be 50 juice shops in your city selling juices in fancy bottles but yours is the one committed to providing fresh press, organic and not diluted and an earthy logo would render that in customer’s head forever.

Your business logo must separate you from your challengers. A well-designed unique logo would drive your brand home and make you stand out of the crowd.

A professional background (cool shades of colors, fun element, relaxed and fun) connecting with their end goal (innovation, efficiency, entertainment) and adding up some relevant icon and fonts would just do the work. A logo is a strong plan to convey your business/service intriguingly.

Powerful Brand Loyalty.

Customers crave consistency. Period.

Fun fact to know (& learn from it): Dominos generated their logo with 3 dots because they had 3 locations originally opened at that time and decided to increase the number of dots as they work to increase their franchises. Of course, this plan was dropped after their incredible success. A thousand dots would be impossible to escort in.

The point is your logo would become familiar and popular as your brand grows. It would carry a heavyweight to represent the company and get you more and more business.

Why do you always prefer to buy activewear from renounced brands like Nike and Adidas even though there are lower priced products available? You know you are in a safe zone if you buy from them. Nike and Adidas are a trusted brand with incredible brand loyalty.

Relevant and Remembrance

A visual memory gets the customer back to you. They would return to the water in your business.
It is a point of identification and reliability. It makes them feel authentic about the brand and gives a clear vision of your whereabouts. A good, aesthetically pleasing and positive logo will leave an impact on the customer’s memory.

The best about an innovative logo is that audiences tend to forget then name of your company (in some cases, they can’t pronounce the name correctly like Yves Saint Laurent) but will immediately hop when they see your brand logo.

Now It’s Your Turn

To meet all the feature-rich requirements of building a brand with a custom logo, our experienced designer tailor the best quality logos.

It’s your turn to contact as soon as possible because building a successful brand is a vital part of the business. You don’t want to miss out, do you?