7 Best Practices of Social Media Marketing in 2020

January 2, 2020

“In 2020, a business without social media marketing is a business climbing upwards in a downward escalator.”

The immense usage of social media platforms for over a decade has given rise to its potential use for businesses. It is affordable online marketing to reach to masses so much so that it has become mandatory to flaunt your brand on social platforms to be in the race of your respective industry.

The best part is that it provides you the leverage to reach out to anyone in the world, generate brand awareness, and create a strong bond with the audiences.

But have you ever given a thought if online marketing has any best practices to promote the business? If there lingers any such magic tool to outreach your competitors?

It sure has some of the major practices to follow in 2020 to set up a unique identity on the web and to make your business reach to heights!

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Best Practices of Social Media Marketing to fuel the Business.

The elite benefits of social media marketing are quite intimidating. It makes you popular and develops a reputation in the market. Without this, your business would be just running on a treadmill: putting in efforts but reaching nowhere. These listed 7 best practices, if followed religiously, will be a game-changer:

  1. Know your Audience.
  2. Develop a Social Media Plan.
  3. Who is being Interactive?
  4. Maintain high-quality.
  5. Apply Spilt-testing Technique.
  6. Work according to the algorithms of Social Media.
  7. An instant reply to Costumers is intimidating.

Know your Audience

Getting aware of the kind of audiences you would be targeting is the first and best practice of social media marketing. Knowing who you will be connecting with is an integral part of a promotion. Have a strategic plan and procedure regarding hitting the right audiences so that the response is relevant.

A range of answers would come your way about your brand and its requirement in the market.

You would also get to know audiences’ interests, what are they looking for and how your business would be helping to solve their problem/fulfill their requirement.

Develop a Social Media Plan.

A little strategy on social media promotion will help you build the company’s online presence strong. There is no hard-core plotting required but you must know when to post, how to post and what to post.

Connecting with your audiences in such a way that they approach you and follow you in your journey. Also, track your progress. Render a good strategic plan for running ad campaigns.

Who is being Interactive?

Once you have run good ad campaigns and hit the right audience, it will be a matter of time that you start seeing the response kicking in.

Has someone retweeted your amazing post? Were you mentioned in someone’s Instagram story? Did someone share your blog posts? Well, it’s a sign that you did a good job!

Have a track of the people listening to you, coming back to you and who is criticizing you. Then, serve all of them with a good response and build up another strategy to hit it high this time.

Maintain high-quality

Quality is a must! Whether it’s your product, service or your promotion posts. The pixel-perfect images and videos help you to get your audience’s attention in a jiffy!

Apart from that, the quality and relevance of the content are of great matter. Whether you’re posting a blog, uploading a video or sharing a post, the content along with it puts the life into it.

Quality helps to sell the product. Radiate your brand with glory!

Apply Spilt-testing Technique

Split testing determines which version of promotion works better for the company. The social media marketers create two different approaches. They apply both techniques with two sets of customers.

These techniques can be different content writing or different images. To see, which method would win, some metrics are set and the result is monitored.

Work according to the algorithms of Social Media.

You must know how different social media platforms work according to SEO. Just like Google has its algorithm, these platforms also have some algorithms set which you have to conquer.

Use the relevant hashtags to reach to correct audiences, include keywords to intensify the presence of your social media.

You can also create an account on Pinterest and link them with your other social media accounts. This is called link building and it helps to get different kinds of audiences.

Instagram and Facebook provide some unique features to business accounts which would be useful for you and your audience both.

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An instant reply to Costumers is intimidating

Be there for your customers! Try to solve their queries within 24 hours or before to give out an amazing impression.

It makes them feel connected and important. Building a trustworthy relationship with your clients leads to the retention of the customers.

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Summing up

It’s time to change the business’s approach and take it to heights. New and changing technologies have made the work simpler and approachable. You just have to do better than the rest! This is an unskippable step and you have to make your online presence game stronger to be in the game forever.