Top 5 Qualities to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency in UK

October 11, 2019

With new digital marketing agencies emerging every day, it’s a difficult call to make when hiring them. It’s also important to know if they are what they claim to be.

Here are some beneficial tips to spot a trustful digital marketing agency:

An Amazing Kick-Ass Website

The first sign of a good marketing agency is its kick-ass website. A look at their current website will effectively convince you to judge better. If you’re able to search them easily on Google by using apt keywords, they have good SEO practices and you can trust them on this.

Their website would be built in a modern fashion which intrigues their customer. Perhaps, when they handle your project, you would be able to sit back and peacefully wait for your final product.

They will have effective digital marketing strategies for their website like an active blog, a responsive Chabot, user-friendly UI/UX, directive navigation. Some of the perks of an online marketing agency are better and fuller than a freelancer.

An In-house team

It’s crystal clear and obvious that a powerhouse team makes the companies complete. A resourceful agency would show off its team members of different expertise. If you’re able to see that online, it means they are proud of what they have and they put them in front and center for their clients to notice. There would be specialists in every field, SEO strategy, WordPress developer, Project Manager, Graphic designer and involvement of CEO.

Expertise in using Tools

Any agency would be using tools for several different purposes but are they using them for the right reasons? In simple words, although the tools are made to make the work simpler and faster it does not reap you accurate results always.

A good way to know the process of the agency is to ask them. Here are a few questions that will help you to know about their team and their take of measures:

How do they manage their project and how are they going to coordinate with you? Trello is a great tool for managing projects overseas.

What SEO strategies they would suggest for your website? (Google Analytics, Moz)

Are they familiar with email marketing like MailChimp, Hubspot? If they are going to handle your social media analytics tool? (Sprout Social, Hubspot)

Notice what you see

Apart from believing in what the agency claims about them, notice if they will be the best suitable choice for you. At the end of the day, they’d be a partial part of your business for a long period.

Having said that, take a look at their portfolio, do they sync in your type? How are they communicating with you? (Are they willing to know your budget more than your actual requirements?), are they even familiar with your kind of industry and understand your challenges? Are their solutions tailored to solve your project or is it some standard process they follow for everyone? You need to notice details about them and the rest leave it on your instinct.

A place you feel connected to

You must vibe on the same page with them to avoid any future conflicts. You would be working with them for a long time.

Apart from their protocol, their culture is, nonetheless, to be considered. Do they have anything else to pitch in the project apart from what you’re suggesting? Do they look like they are having fun while discussing your project? After all, when employees have fun while working together, they work well together. Hence, they will work best for you!

Choosing a Digital marketing agency UK can be a hectic task but after reading the article, it would have surely lightened your burden and made your decisions stronger. Bytegrow IT Solutions is a well-known agency that doesn’t consider whether you’re a big client or small, their work culture, portfolio shows that they work for you in your best interest and don’t procrastinate on their homework.