Why UX Design Is Important For Your Modern Business in 2019

September 4, 2019

Today, in 2019, over 3 billion Internet users anticipate to get anything and everything digitally. The good thing is, in the digital era, it’s even possible.

All sorts of products and services, you name it, from baby clothes, cleaning services, Wood apparel, Organic beard oil, to pet supplements and online tutors. You have it all available on a few clicks.

Even though the process looks simple but Not everything in the world that glitters is gold.

  1. The product/service you think is one of its kinds for your company probably would have tons of competitors. So then, how do you distinguish yourself from them?
  2. Your company sells the best quality product in the industry. How would you make sure that users come to you and only you?
  3. There are several platforms where similar services and products are being offered. How would you make your commodity get on top?

Dropping a digital truth bomb! Online business in 2019 is fiercer than ever. That is why strategizing and brainstorming are essential. The answer to all the above questions is “a seamless user experience (UX) across all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop).”

What is UX?

UX or User Experience refers to the process of making the overall experience of the customers meaningful and seamless when they are trying to interact with your products on the website. The customer’s satisfaction while navigating the application or website must be maximum. UX main objective is to create the user flow appropriately by wireframing and structuring all the components and elements in a way that responds on all devices and platforms effortlessly.

With the advancement of technologies, the main idea behind a good UX is not to test the customers’ patience and help them with quick and efficient surfing. The more responsive it is, the more successful your business gets!

Like I mentioned earlier, competitors are prevailing in the market to provide what you are selling! Internet is a marketplace of websites. So you have to hit the bulls-eye in a short period. Like, for instance, If Amazon goes down, without a second thought, you bounce to other e-commerce websites.

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While there are a lot of other components in website development but UX is the most essential of them all. Let’s dig deep on why I am emphasizing so much on UX.

Why is UX Development Important for your Business?

  1. Reduces cost in the long run
  2. Increases Conversions
  3. Supports SEO
  4. Increases Brand Loyalty
  5. Increases Word of Mouth Referrals

As quoted by Steve Jobs: “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” And to get to the bottom line of how something works, you need to consider the user.

1. Reduces cost in the long run

In Web Development, before getting on board with UX, prototyping is done. It is a design mockup done before UX. The core motive for doing it is to test the product before its launch.

In simple terms, a prototype is like a blueprint of the website.

At a later stage, to make any changes to the design, it might give you nasty cost surprises along with wasted time.

Apart from providing accuracy, UX aids with the smooth functioning of the simple or complex feature your site would be integrated with.

Addressing the content at an early stage is beneficial to save you from time and money. You can ensure that your content fits for your website design or app development. And voila! All set for UX designing.

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2. Increases Conversions

Several websites sell the same clothes or shoes or even cosmetics. Then why do we always choose to open those websites or mobile applications with which we are convenient? It is not difficult to answer that we got familiar with the websites because of its easy and interactive user-interface. There are certain elements that contribute to making your brand website fall in the user’s favorite site bucket.

  1. No matter how complicated your website is, always optimize your website and reduce the number of steps required from the user’s point of view.
  2. CTA buttons have been a constant difference-maker to increase the conversion rates. Having a simple Call to action button saying “Click here”, “Read more” will prove to be one of the many ways to help in Google rankings.

You must not miss out on this article to understand the granular details of a web development services.

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3. Supports SEO

Good UX design leads to ultimate SEO rankings. Google maintains its value by showing the results which will serve users the best. After all their goal is to provide the fastest and relevant information.

Amongst all the factors that Google considers for SEO rankings, a good UX contributes the most.
This not only supports SEO but also translates to Digital marketing services like PPC and Google Adwords.
A poor or slow user experience will test the users’ patience and ultimately land you into the bracket of insufficient or poor customer service.

If you think, your current website lacks the core components of UX, you might want to consider Website Redesign Services to level up your game in the market.

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4. Increases Brand Loyalty

Building your brand loyalty is the first and foremost thing to strategize upon. Starting up a new business is only halfway through. If you see yourself establishing a long-lasting relationship with your customers and the, you have to build trust which will convert into recognition and loyalty building.

A seamless UX experience doesn’t just impress users for the first time but retain them for life long. Ever wondered why the recently upcoming startups like Daniel Wellington took a lead like a rocket in just a matter of time? Yes, you’re right. It’s their engaging and user-friendly designs that made their customers service from start to end hassle-free.

Every stage of design must be optimized with appropriate metrics. Core Testing and continuous bug fixing is the key to drive user retention and inevitable brand loyalty.

5. Increases Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth promotion still stands the best to get the clients. It just doesn’t get you visitors but increases the chances by 50% of making them into buying customers.

As humans, we tend to trust our peers and dear one’s feedback more than we trust the company’s ad campaigns.
The reason why I am taking word of mouth promotion into consideration for UX design is that social media of personal interactions that happen on social media.

The social platform is the largest source where we are intrigued even by stranger’s reviews. If you’ve integrated easy payment modes or easy customer service reach out, people start liking your service and exchange the views all over social media.

The small section on your website like “people are viewed”, “user reviews”, “star ratings” features begin to build trust. And trust ultimately leads to better sales and ongoing retention of customers. Get in Touch

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Whether it’s social media design or logo design, a good UX integration can change your life good enough and you’d have to agree on this.

If your website or app has helped your customers with their problems as quickly as possible, you’ve left them a lasting impression of you.

If you don’t know how to get your website with great UX design, simply drop us an mail at [email protected] and one of us will contact you within 24 hours.

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