Top 5 Web Development Trends of 2020

January 18, 2020

Google is the biggest Search Engine which flips the business around and how! Earlier, Google considered just the desktop version of the site to the index but after 2019, it has been officially an end to your ranking if your site is not mobile-responsive.

Google looks up into your mobile version of the site to rank your desktop version. Many of you are probably aware of this change. However, if you have a dynamic serving website and the content is not equivalent to desktop and mobile, considering a website redesign is highly recommendable.

Likewise, many new trends are coming up to the lookout for especially if your business runs completely online and you wish to do better than the best.

Every year, there are variants of changes and swings of trends in Web development and it’s havoc for developers to know it all so without any further ado, I would like to present the biggest trends of Web Development 2020 that you don’t miss a single update about.

Biggest Web Development Trends 2020 are:

  1. PWA (Progressive Web Applications)
  2. Photographic Content
  3. Traditional CMS o Headless CMS
  4. Voice-Search
  5. Motion UI

PWA (Progressive Web Applications)

What is PWA?

  1. Progressive Websites are one of the kinds of websites that functions equivalent to mobile applications.
  2. It uses advanced and modern web services to provide a mobile-app like an experience.
  3. They contribute vastly to promoting and increasing the task of conversion.

The deployment of PWA has been underrated in the past years but this Web Development Trend 2020 would be used immensely. If you still feel skeptical about it, let’s have a look at the awesome features worth highlighting.

  • Provides High Reliability: It can work anytime even without an internet connection. How effective right?
  • Speedy Loading: The above point brings to our next point which is loading content instantly and quick response.
  • Google developers feel it involves easy engaging because it feels natural to use this web-app.
  • Compatibility: It would work on any device and sync easily because of the modern technology IoT.
  • No App Store: It can be easily installed and deployed.

Photographic Content

The trend of photographic content attached to the content will never expire. In web development services, the estimation of a decent photograph has never been higher. It is best suited to have a more relevant and less heavy file to show the visuals of your content.

The idea is to have anything on the website but supported with pictures. It portrays the message in a jiffy even before the content is readout. That’s the magic of these pictures!

The key is to make your content so engaging that Google doesn’t stop ranking you number one. The patterns to put the image will go back and forth but the trend stays intact.

Traditional CMS to Headless CMS

A Content Management System isn’t all about a one-size-fits-all. It must be having easy to use tools, faster development, editors and other digital experience easy tom manage scale, especially for the developers.
The traditional CMS has been an obstacle for many now and restrict to deliver the content the way Headless CMS would.

The digital transformation quickly comes and goes and keeping up with it could be quite a daunting task. Then why wait for it?

A headless CMS can not only be integrated with motile platforms but you can also display your content in our bespoke manner through various devices.

The Restful API enables to deliver the content whenever you need it.


The Voice-search feature is not limited to Mobile-devices. The ease of just picking up the phone asking away whatever you feel like with Siri or Cortona has been one of the proven immediate inquiry solvers.

Now, imagine something like “Hey, Where do I find the address of your company?” could be so much easier for clients. Receiving answers to such questions in a jiffy would be an instant help.

The most amazing asset of this feature is that you don’t have to have a pre-prepared inquiry list. You can anticipate an answer as and when you wish.

There’s a high possibility that the integration of Voice search feature would be increasing in the coming year and it would one of the phenomenal features.

Motion UI

The best thing about the internet is that it is massive and reaching out to people is easy. On the contrary, it’s massiveness creates a hurdle to stand out and showcase your work in abundance. The web development services in uk would have out-of-the-box designers tailoring custom designs for your website.

The problem with simple graphics is that it has been done and dusted by everyone. The Motion UI grabs more attention than ever.

It is a complex yet intriguing feature, best if applied. A captivating Motion UI is going to be popular Design trend 2020. It keeps the customer engaged on your website by displaying a motion graphic as they scroll down the page.

Adapt this strategy and see how effective it would prove for you.


This article has thrown some light over the newest trend and technologies that would yield benefits for the long term. The technology is upgrading and so are people, you have to contact only the best developers to have the best website and Bytegrow IT Solutions is a web development agency you wouldn’t want to miss.